Retail space why so vacant

Has the time change in a world where a few decades ago we used to shop and interact with the store personnel. We would walk along the busy shopping strip in our neighborhoods and know our local clothing Tailors and butchers. These local business owners, who raise enough money to open up their shops would know their customers names and sometimes give frequent shoppers with a or two discount.

We have become more estrange to our business neighbors. With the arrival of Amazon, a majority of our local business has suffered declining sale and are unable to compete with “online sales”

Even the successful outlet like Old Navy, Staples, find themselves being replace by online retail store. Some customers don’t even needs to leaves the comfort of their homes. Everything has become accessible

So we then ask what happens to the retail spaces for the next decade. Would retail space becomes obsolete after all who would want to pay thousand of dollars to own a store and pay rent and get-up for 12 hour-shift in managing the day in and day out business

Let’s see can all these store be replace by being online and become more of an inventory driven business.

Next time you are walking to the nearest store in local neighborhood or if you happen to walk thru a busy mall take the chance to savor the moment.

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